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Wetter Landscaping provides a variety of excavation services with the same commitment to quality and service as we do for our landscaping services.  If you have an excavation need on your property, call us to see if we can offer a solution that works for you. We offer residential and light commerical work for the following:

     • Drainage problems around your home

     • redirecting downspouts

     • french drains and underground basements

     • drainage swales

     • New construction and/or additions, basement/foundations dig outs

     • Sewer line digouts

     • Land clearing and grading

     • Pond dig outs and installations

Excavation Services







Rob - After viewing a bunch of excavation websites and seeing the differences between small, medium and large excavation companies, I came to the conclusion that we should treat your excavation services just the way we did your other Wetter services, (see the website Services page). To introduce the service, I want to put a small but prominent feature on the home page with a link to the exact location of the more detailed description on the Services page. Give me a call to briefly discuss if I'm on the right track. - Mike